They are reducing the life of the floor

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They are reducing the life of the floor

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<P>1, pets: pet excrement will produce alkaline corrosion of wood, resulting in floor discoloration and stains. Pharmacy: If the floor is attached to the chemical,composite deck cost per square foot should be promptly cleaned with detergent / satisfied water. After wiping, the floor surface gloss will be reduced, should be promptly waxing maintenance.</P>
<P>2, chairs: In order to minimize the depression and scratches, long-term to maintain the beauty of the floor, the proposed chair feet on the pad or pad under the chair pad. To choose the right floor wax. Before waxing, first in the corner of the room or other unobtrusive,plastic tile flooring on the floor for a small area of ​​the trial, to confirm no problem and then start a full wax.</P>
<P>3, detergent: absolutely can not use alkaline cleaning agent. The ingredients in the wood react chemically with the alkaline material, causing the floor to change or produce stains. Use a cleanser and wipe with a wringed cloth. Condensation: It is recommended to use anti-dew type toilet. After condensation, the water will be immersed in the floor of the interface and groove,laying laminate on composite floors resulting in discoloration and stains.</P>
<P>4, weight: in the piano, refrigerator and other heavy materials to bedding pad to protect, to prevent local bearing is too large and lead to floor depression and scratches. Daylight: After direct sunlight,wood deck clip supplier malaysia the UV paint will crack the floor surface. Use curtains or shutters to avoid direct sunlight.</P>
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