waiting for those who

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waiting for those who

Postprzez Qizhenbi » Wt paź 24, 2017 4:12 am

it is a seasoned old group leader, he is in charge of waiting for those who coordinate each type of work in production through interphone " veranda deck board distributor in Dibba cooperate " . From the accident of lumber, size, how much to go to to have the amount of condole every time, all matters, he should be coordinated obviously for nothing.

After exercise of transhipment of real wood sided station wagons cars deck through cargo begins, 2 manage all alone is versed in, namely worker of link up with, mount the Russian square train that is fully loaded with log, on the safe composite deck planter box platform that stands between two railroad car,

hang log prison after chaining, wooden fence panel designs the member that see a car hints with interphone crane driver is started. Hold by the requirement as crane driver every time control a machine, one batch approves log, inside the train wagon that changed Chinese goods train.
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