domestic timber prices

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domestic timber prices

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<p>has nearly 78.83 million mu of forest production. In addition, since this year, large, Xiaoxing'anling ecological function area will be a comprehensive stop logging, restoration of barren hills afforestation, is expected to have more than 4 million cubic meters of production reduction. According to the World Natural Fund report predicts that in </p>
<p>2010 China's forest product gap will increase to 125 million cubic meters. The industry believes that the international market supply of timber tight, is bound to cause domestic timber prices rise. The Sun introduced the Russian forest fire on the impact of the domestic market there is a certain lag effect, timber supply and price changes </p>
<p>may be to the end of the year or early next year to show. At present, the major domestic wooden building materials and furniture factory has its own timber warehouse, and now the production of furniture for the sale of furniture for the previous inventory, so the price has not changed. However, some businesses have begun to take fire to </p>
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