wood market downturn

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wood market downturn

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<p>or 50-100 yuan / cubic meter. At present, the market in Guangdong is 2.2-2.6m thick, 5cm thick, and the A grade (wood wire) is priced at 5600-6000 yuan / cubic meter. Pineapple grid of wood prices optimistic about the pineapple grid market optimistic. According to businessmen, with the traditional season approaching progress, pineapple </p>
<p>grid wood market has begun to gradually active, volume surge. A business revealed that the price of pineapple grid 80cm above the price has risen to 5800-6000 yuan / cubic meter, the market is more tense. Gold pomelo prices remain high Since this year, Myanmar raw material prices, gold pomelo prices also followed all the way soaring. </p>
<p>Although the low season during the Myanmar wood market downturn, but the price of gold grapefruit is still no decline in the phenomenon, continue to maintain a high state. In addition, the business that the high price of gold grapefruit will continue until the end of next year, the price of gold grapefruit will decline. At present, the market in </p>
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