brand to the world's forerunner

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brand to the world's forerunner

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Guangdong Yihua Wood Co., Ltd. is a production of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring and solid wood furniture, set design and supply in one of the wood products deep processing enterprises. As a result of the excellent performance and sustainable development needs,
August 2004 Yichang Wood A shares issued successfully listed, capital market intervention both to enhance the Yihua brand, but also provides a low-cost expansion of the development platform. In 2007, Yihua brand to the value of 3.706 billion yuan to assess once again won the "China's most valuable brand" title,
with "international Luban" reputation of China is China's national brand to the world's forerunner. Aimed at the international market to build national brands in the international market, the Chinese people believe that only enter the international market brand,
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