concealed and cannot deliver on time

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concealed and cannot deliver on time

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so they begin to repeat themselves, hoping this will increase credibility. However, duplication actually weakens credibility because it makes you seem uncertain. How to save time: When you appear to lack confidence in yourself, potential customers begin to suspect that you have been concealed and cannot deliver on time (or worse).
As a result, you end up spending more time recreating the lost credibility. Warning: You should repeat your core content three times. This is how to express an unwritten myth in this class. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The rule is: Tell them what you want to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.
The first is to pre-position messages (let them know that this is important), the second is the message itself, and the third is a message-based call for action. Fine-tuning nine: Do not be afraid to oppose key terms: Objections are temporary mental disorders that hinder potential customers from buying.
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