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BRUSSELS http://www.chicagoblackhawksteamstore.com/adidas-ryan-hartman-jersey , March 7 (Xinhua) -- Britain would not join the European Union (EU) common asylum process, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday before an EU-Turkey summit which aimed to stem the missive migrant influx.

""We have an absolutely rock solid opt-out from these things, so there is no prospect of Britain joining a common asylum process in Europe,"" Cameron told reporters on his arrival for the summit.

""We will have our own approach, our own way of doing things, keeping our own borders. It underlines the best of both worlds, the special status we have,"" he told reporters.

""It is important that we help the continent of Europe to secure its external border ... that is why we are sending British ship just to do just that,"" he added.

Meanwhile, in a statement published ahead of the summit, Cameron called ""the migrant crisis the greatest challenge facing Europe today"" and elaborated Britain's position on this issue.

""Britain has not faced anywhere near the scale of migrants coming to Europe as other countries because we are out of Schengen and retain control of our borders,"" the statement said.

""But where we can help, we should. And we've got to break the business model of the criminal smugglers and stop the desperate flow of people crammed into makeshift vessels from embarking on a fruitless and perilous journey,"" it said.

Britain was not included in the EU's passport-free Schengen zone, although it signed up to Europe's Dublin regulation which demands member states to take responsibility for refugees who arrive in their country first.

Europe's Schengen policy was at risk as several European countries have imposed border controls to stem the massive migrant flows.

European leaders were gathering here to seek solutions to better safeguard its passport-free policy and the EU's executive body the European commission was set to outline plans in the coming days to overhaul EU asylum policy, which Britain could choose whether to join or not.

Before the summit, London announced that its naval ship Mounts Bay would support the international response to the migrant crisis in the Aegean Sea.

" Women are playing the most vital part of a family. Bringing up children, controlling spouse's health and maintaining healthy habits and managing multi-household chores are the specialty of Indian women. With loads of tasks and responsibilities, they forget to take care of themselves. They are considering them after every task, but they forget that they are the most vital part of their family, so they have to give priorities to their mental and physical health.

Research shows that 68% of Indian women are ignoring their dramatically deteriorating health conditions. And out of which 40% are suffering from hormone imbalance which results in chronic illness like hypothyroidism and many others. Let's have a look at details of hypothyroidism and natural supplements to improve thyroid functions for better understanding this disease and for preventing it before it captures your body.

What is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a disorder when your thyroid gland is failed to produce enough hormone into your body. The thyroid gland is a tiny gland situation at the base of your throat. This hormone is very vital for maintain the metabolism of your body. Metabolism is an important process, by which the food is broken down into energy.

What is the cause of hypothyroidism?

There are many causes for this disorder. Unnecessary stress, irregular menstrual cycle, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, iodine deficiency and hereditary are some of the major causes that are far related to hypothyroidism. The recent survey declares that the actual cause behind this disorienting disease is the autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto's disease.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Swelling of throat, low or high blood pressure, low immunity system, low sex drive, irregular menstrual cycle, memory loss, hair loss, weight gain or dramatic weight loss, chronic fatigue is some of the noticeable symptoms that are a waking alarm for your to immediately consult with your doctor.

How to treat hypothyroidism?

Unluckily, if you are one of 40 million women suffering from hypothyroidism then you must consider these following options for treatment.

1. You can control your thyroid gland with different kinds of herbal remedies for hypothyroidism. Herbal remedies for hypothyroidism are having vast importance since last decades from controlling thyroid glands.

2. Natural remedies like using herbs and oils help for managing the insufficient supply of hormones produced by thyroid glands.

3. They are easy to use, quick to buy, cost effective and are available at most of the online herbal stores. And more importantly, they are free from any kind of side effects.

4. Natural supplements to improve thyroid functions are far more likely to provide effective results than other allopathic or homeopathic treatments.

5. The entire goal of herbal remedies for the treatment is to supply the thyroid hormone to your body.

6. Today, you can find out the best solutions for getting proper advice on controlling your thyroid functions. One of the best herbal thyroid supplements is Thyronil capsule. It is purely natural and available on leading online herbal stores for purchase.

Thus, in this way with the help of natural supplements to improve thyroid functions, you can manage your health and can easily tackle your family's health. During monsoon season lots of people complain about low immunity levels, skin darkening, pimples, acne scars, repetitive bacterial infections, hemoglobin counts, chronic weakness, lack of energy and enthusiasm etc. Most commo.
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